Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Gloom bugs

We are having what we call "June Gloom" here in SoCal. Cool overcast days. Maybe some drizzle. The sun breaks through, oh, maybe 2PM or so. Not the best bug-finding weather. The butterflies are all sleeping somewhere. Even the bees are less abundant. But there are still insects to be found. Yesterday, I did a little advance scouting for today's bug safari tour at the arboretum. Here's some of what I found.

Harlequin family
Harlequin bug congregation.

harlequin nymph
and one spectacularly situated harlequin nymph.

The only butterfly I found was this resting skipper.

beetle larvae on datura
On the datura: some fascinating but disgusting larvae of the three-lined potato beetle, Lema daturaphila.

asleep in a flower
OK, for those of you who were grossed out by the last photo (sorry), here's a lovely and graceful sleeping bee, also in a datura flower.

plant bug
A little mirid bug feeding on a green seed head of a euphorbia(?)

katydid nymph
Mediterranean katydid nymph.

Ladybug on purple flower. Red Hat Society, anyone?

cactus fly
Oh, sorry. Grossness again. A nice big cactus fly.

cactus fly

Our bug hunt today went very well. In spite of considerable heavy drizzle, we had enough participants for 2 groups, and found lots of little things.

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