Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hummingbird nest

Blatantly non-bug, but too cool to pass up:  A hummingbird has made a nest in my yard.  It's in a very good spot, too.  Under the eaves of my front porch, in a big camellia bush, but facing the wall, and most importantly, viewable from my bathroom window.

Hummingbird nest, Day 1
Here it is on day 1.  Barely more than a little fuzzy bump on a dead flower.  The only reason I found it was because I happened to follow the path of the hummingbird that flew right past me and ended up landing there.

Working the web
This picture was taken through the window screen in my bathroom on Day 3.  You can see a strand of spider web in her beak.  Yes, they use spider silk in their nests.

Here is a little video of the hummingbird working to finish the nest.

Day 5
The nest today (Day 5)

We have an egg
We have an egg! :D

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